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Multi-Colored Quartz Flooring

Quartz Garage Flooring Minneapolis MN

Flooring That Won't Fade

Quartz garage flooring

This classic multi-colored quartz floor is the perfect combination of rugged durability and beauty. The 1/8” thick system provides a seamless barrier of protection for your concrete that can handle more aggressive environments than typical decorative systems. Wet processing areas and tough physical abuse are not a problem for our Quartz, but this performance is not at the expense of aesthetics. The blended quartz aggregate creates a beautiful tweed appearance.

While other installers can provide quartz floors, our clear coat technology makes our Quartz the superior choice. Standard quartz floors can dull and fade in a matter of months, or even weeks, but the light stable technology in our professional grade Sealer and Polyurea clear coats ensure that your Quartz floor looks great for years to come.

With our Quartz system, you get the performance that an 1/8” epoxy system provides with the lasting beauty that only Midwest Garage Solutions can provide.

Integrated Cove Base

Protect from bacteria and mildew

Integrated Cove Base systems are a necessary part of many commercial floor applications including restaurant kitchens, clean rooms, pharmaceutical facilities, surgical facilities and many others. Integrated Cove Base systems are constructed from a special mixture of epoxy and sand and are skillfully applied to the perimeter walls of a project. This system ensures water or other contaminants will not penetrate under wall surfaces.

The Cove Base generally ranges from 4 to 6 inches in height up the sidewall, depending on your desired use and specifications. Concrete floor systems with an Integrated Cove Base create an easy to clean, seamless, durable surface that protects your concrete substrate and the building sidewalls from spills, splashes, stains, humidity and so much more.

Applying an Integrated Cove Base to a floor system creates a seamless surface between the floor and wall to create an impervious barrier to prevent particles and moisture from entering, eliminating the possibility of bacteria and mildew growth. And it can be cleaned and sanitized in just minutes with a quick mop.

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